Smart Planning for Sustainable Businesses and Succession

Small and medium-sized enterprises (hereinafter "SMEs") have always been an important foundation of Hong Kong's economy, accounting for 98% of enterprises in Hong Kong. In the past few years, SMEs have constantly changed their business strategies, implemented reforms and innovative measures to overcome challenges with society, and facilitated the sustainability of economic development.

“Smart Planning for Sustainable Businesses and Succession” emphasises that in this digital era, companies must keep up with and adapt to the dynamic market environment, fully utilise the power of technology, and equip with effective operational strategies in order to enhance competitiveness and succeed in the market. Therefore, smart business has become a key element for companies to pursue sustainable development. Through innovation, technology, and operation in sync with the times, companies can better understand customer needs, maximise production efficiency, and create a strong and stable operational model, moving towards a sustainable business model. By constantly innovating and improving, companies can uphold, inherit and sustain their core values to embrace the future and challenges.

Intelligent and Innovative SME Business Awards 2023, which aims to recognise outstanding SMEs and their business partners with their intelligent and innovative business strategies, and ultimately, encourage and foster the sustainable development of SMEs' businesses.

Judging Criteria

Business Planning and Operation Concept


Governance and Culture


Financial and Cost Control


Marketing Strategy




Award Categories

Outstanding SME Award in Greater Bay Area

Outstanding SME Award in Sustainable Development (ESG)

Outstanding SME Award in Collaborative Partnership

Outstanding SME Award in Digital Transformation / Technology

Outstanding SME Award in Start-up

Outstanding SME Award in Family Business Succession